How To Stop Smoking Weed Reddit

What is the experience of stopping smoking marijuana? More than half of those who attempt to quit marijuana report mood swings, irritation, or anxiety. Others complain of aggressiveness, restlessness, and a loss of attention.

Furthermore, What may I do to quit smoking cigarettes? You can make little changes to your lifestyle that might assist you in resisting the urge to smoke.

  1. Think positively.
  2. Make a strategy to quit smoking.
  3. Consider your food.
  4. Replace your beverage.
  5. Determine when you want a cigarette.
  6. Get some help quitting smoking.
  7. Go!
  8. Make non-smokers.

Finally, What happens if a stoner quits smoking? They experience emotions once more.

Instead, they are generally concerned with the consequences that prompted them to quit: dysfunctional relationships, school or job performance, the time spent doing drugs, and coming to terms with their lack of cognitive function.