How To Quote Someone On Reddit

Quote steps on Reddit

  1. Create a new post. To leave a remark on an existing post, search for the one you want and then click its title.
  2. Find the remark you wish to quote.
  3. To quote a portion of text, go to the document where you want it to appear and click or tap the section.
  4. Copy the region.
  5. To post a quotation, go to the “Quotes” page. Select the “Quotation” option.
  6. In the box labeled Paste, type in your copied selection.
  7. Close the quotation block.
  8. You can also use this space to add a response.

How do you quote a comment on Reddit for your phone? Mobile: press reply, then select the text and a “quote” option should appear.

How To Quote Someone On Reddit

Furthermore, What is the best way to post text on Reddit? Go to the subreddit you wish to publish to, then click the Create Post button. You can post three kinds of things here: a Text post, an image or video, and a Link. A Title is required for text posts, and it’s a good idea to include some Text

Finally, How can you quote someone? If you quote someone within a quotation, use single quotation marks and adhere to the same guidelines.