How To PM On Reddit

How to PM on Reddit

  1. Click the user’s name. If you wish to send a private message to joe, click his name. Click Joe’s name to go to his profile page.
  2. Send a message by clicking the send message link on the top right of the profile page. On the upper right corner of the profile page, you’ll see a link called “send message.”
  3. Simply type in the message and send it. Simply give your message a topic and some text, then hit Send.


How do I send a private message on Reddit for my smartphone? Use the receiver’s profile page to send a private message.

  1. Select a user’s name.
  2. Tap the link titled “send message” from his profile page.
  3. Simply type your message and send it.

Furthermore, Is Reddit chat the same as PM? While PMs is a brief note that goes straight to the inbox, chat messages are part of a live conversation. The “message this user” option allows you to send a normal message with a title to someone and have them respond if they choose. It’s been there since Reddit was in its infancy

Finally, can you message someone on Reddit? Yes, with a Reddit app. In the top right corner, look for an envelope. On some Android apps, you may access your messaging inbox by tapping the envelope symbol in the upper right corner.